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ClubShop Rewards

 It is so easy to earn when shopping with a ClubShop Rewards membership. ClubShop has a virtual Online Shopping Mall with hundreds of the most popular stores available in over 70 countries worldwide.  Discounts, coupon codes, and CashBack are offered on purchases made in the ClubShop Rewards mall. ClubShop also offers the opportunity to become an Affiliate to earn commissions on purchases made by anyone you refer to shop with ClubShop.


GPS (Global Partner System) monthly subscription packages are available to all ClubShop Members. GPS subscription upgrades the ClubShop membership to Partner status and allows the opportunity to take advantage of the global ClubShop business. This includes the ability to earn monthly commissions.  Build a global organization of Partners, Affiliates and Shoppers easily and autonomously with the ClubShop GPS. Partners also earn override commissions on the purchases of their entire ClubShop network which means more commissions!

ClubShop GPS Free Trial

ClubShop has made access to the GPS easy for everyone.  All ClubShop members are entitled to a one-time only 30 day free trial to evaluate the GPS product.  All package features are made available during the trial period to allow each member the opportunity to fully evaluate the business building power of the GPS.  Cooperative Advertising Shares are included with every GPS package.  A ClubShop Rewards Online Virtual Mall is also included with each GPS package, which generates commissions straight to your ClubShop wallet. See the power of the various landing pages available with each GPS package. Internet marketing novices and experts alike can succeed with the ClubShop GPS.

Benefits for Everyone

A free ClubShop membership rewards everyone with discount codes and cashback with online shopping. Shop the ClubShop Virtual mall and see your favorite big-name stores and retailers. Earn cashback on everyday online purchases. Refer your friends to earn commissions on all their purchases made through the ClubShop online mall. Membership is free and earning is easy. 

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