ClubShop 6 Phase Business Plan

Even though ClubShop has been in business since 1997, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve and grow. Currently, ClubShop is in the first phase of a 6 phase business plan to take it to the next level. Once the goals are reached, unlimited potential lies ahead for Affiliates and Partners alike.

Phase 1

ClubShop is actively recruiting both Affiliates and Partners to join this exciting venture. In order to attain the lofty goals set out, we need a great team. The incentive to participate is the long term passive income this opportunity can produce.

Phase 2

Once there are 10,000 active Partners, ClubShop will move to the second phase. This will entail development and improvement of the ClubShop online mall. Upgrades will help to improve the customer experience.

Phase 3

The 3rd phase of the business plan will be attaining the goal of 10 million global shoppers. It is a very big goal. However, ClubShop is a great program so this is attainable in a short time. The program’s results really does speak for itself.

Phase 4

In the fourth phase of the business plan, ClubShop intends to develop more local merchants. This makes ClubShop even more marketable. Local business is so important so ClubShop wants to make sure your neighborhood businesses are included.

Phase 5

The Affinity Groups is a wonderful ClubShop program dedicated to help Groups with their fundraising. Just as affiliates earn commissions, local organizations and groups can also register for referral links to increase their fundraising. In the 5th phase of development, ClubShop will work to expand this program.

Phase 6

Finally, ClubShop’s final goal is to unveil Tangiworld. This will be the phase in which the profit-sharing program can be unlocked. That monthly, passive income is what Partners are really looking forward to and what everyone is working towards. Are you interested in joining us on this journey?


More GPS Landing Pages - ClubShop Outlet |

October 29, 202112:17 pm

ClubShop continues to work through the 6 phase business plan to bring Tangiworld to realization. At this point we’re about halfway to meeting the goals laid out. Now we move to build and expand our Shopper community.

How do I get Paid? - ClubShop Outlet |

October 19, 20215:49 pm

Tangicoin is the new cryptocurrency that ClubShop has developed to be released when the full business plan of Tangiworld is realized. All Tangicoin can be redeemed for US Dollars (USD), for GPS monthly fee, or to purchase additional Cooperative Advertising Shares.

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