ClubShop TNT FREE Global Market

Thousands of Retailers worldwide are ready to generate cashback and commissions for you in ClubShop’s Free TNT Global market. Yes, you read that correctly. As you complete your daily shopping, you’re saving money with discounts and coupons and also earning cashback on each transaction. With the incredible power of the TNT Free Global Market, your purchase brings happiness to six individuals scattered across the globe. You may never meet them, but your transaction allows them to earn commissions. Now, visualize a Clubshop TNT FREE Global Market of your own with 10,000 members, all following the same pattern as you. They join for free in your downline. They save money on their everyday purchases, and this generates an average commission of $1 per month for you. Can you imagine that? $1 a month on 10,000 shoppers? You can even enhance your earnings if you activate the powerful JumpStart option within your first 30 days. With this incredible JumpStart bonus, any purchase you make in the ClubShop Outlet gives you 6 COOP shares. This is equal to 12 Shoppers just like you, and the opportunity for exponential team growth FROM THE FIRST FEW WEEKS OF JOINING!

With the Shop & Build Program, Clubshop store purchases earn you credits. Each time you reach specific thresholds, these credits can be converted into cooperative advertising shares that generate even more Shoppers for your Clubshop TNT marketplace.

ALL Clubshop Members need to click on the button displayed on the Clubshop dashboard to claim a FREE position in the TNT Global Market. This action is necessary to avoid being passed up by others who might act more quickly.

The earlier Shoppers click the button to secure their position, the larger share of market they can enjoy. This means more commissions when others claim their FREE TNT Position after you.

Once a Shopper claims their TNT position, they exit the Big Pool of shoppers, and their Original Sponsor’s Line Builder assigns them the first available position in one of their six vertical lines. All new incoming Shoppers move to the first available positions within their original sponsor’s Global Market. This Global Market consists of all the Shoppers added by both upline and downline Shoppers. Consequently, the monthly earnings and growth rate of every Shopper’s Global Market can grow to be exceptionally high for everyone involved.

The ClubShop TNT Free global market is built for you largely in an automated manner thanks to everyone’s shared effort. It is easy to start.

1. Register FOR FREE to activate your Shopper privileges.

2. Earn Cashback, Coupons, and Special Offers at thousands of big-name stores and local retailers.

3. (Optional) Invite anyone to sign up for free and earn the same benefits as you. Additionally, you can order additional shares of our Cooperative Advertising Campaigns for automatic allocation of new Shoppers to your downline.

4. Earn commissions on other people’s everyday shopping.



Earn 2.5% cash back when booking your stay at Radisson through the ClubShop Shopping Center! Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will be warmly welcomed by an incredible staff at over 500 locations worldwide. Don’t forget to visit the ClubShop Shopping Center with your free membership ID to earn when you book your stay at the Radisson!

How to Earn with ClubShop

Earn with Clubshop

ClubShop offers a business opportunity for individuals to earn money by promoting the company’s products and services.

Here are some ways that members earn with ClubShop:

1. Become a ClubShop Partner: Joining as a Partner allows you to earn commissions by promoting and selling ClubShop’s products and services. You can earn up to 30% commission on purchases made through your referral link.

2. Build your network: ClubShop offers a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure, which means you can earn commissions from the sales made by the people you refer and the people they refer. By building a network, you can increase your earnings potential.

3. Participate in the loyalty program: ClubShop’s loyalty program rewards customers for shopping through the platform. As a Partner, you can earn a percentage of the loyalty cashback earned by your referrals.

4. Attend training and events: ClubShop provides training and events to help Partners learn how to promote the products and services effectively, build their network, and increase their earnings.

Overall, earning with ClubShop requires some effort and dedication. You will need to promote the products and services, build a network, and continuously learn about the products and the program to maximize your earning potential.

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