Become a Clubshop Local Merchant

Become A Clubshop Local Merchant Affiliate and Lift Your Business to A New Level.

At Clubshop, we create innovative strategies to help businesses like yours meet our Members’ needs and become their favorite shopping destinations.

We aim to bring you an increasing stream of loyal, returning customers without asking you for any upfront cost or investment.

Register your business for FREE.

Select the percentage you’d like to offer for every purchase made at your store by Clubshop’s Members.

Top-up your Clubshop rechargeable Account with a deposit from which we’ll deduct the agreed commission when a sale is authorized by you.

Then simply wait for our Members to come and shop at your store(s).

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ClubShop 6 Phase Business Plan - ClubShop Outlet |

January 7, 202211:39 am

In the fourth phase of the 6 Phase business plan, ClubShop intends to develop more local merchants. This makes ClubShop even more marketable. Local business is so important so ClubShop wants to make sure local neighborhood businesses are involved.

ClubShop Rewards Program - ClubShop Outlet |

January 6, 202211:14 am

Merchant Affiliates are Retailers who register as Clubshop Merchants. They pay a commission on every purchase made by Clubshop Members. We split this commission to pay cashback to the member who made the purchase and to pay override commissions to 6 generations of upline partners. 1/10 of that commission goes to the company to pay the cost of running the program.

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