ClubShop CashBack and Tangicoin

ClubShop CashBack & Tangicoin

Since 1997, ClubShop has been faithfully delivering CashBack Rewards to it’s members. ClubShop is always looking forward in regards to the business and the benefits that can be provided to all valued ClubShop members. Currently, ClubShop is rewarding allotment of it’s CashBack rewards in the form of pre-Tangicoin.

Tangicoin is included with purchase of various Clubshop products like the GPS subscription or COOP shares. It is also offered as a Free Bonus or as a reward for other Clubshop initiatives. Tangicoin is developed as a crytpocurrency yet to be released on the open market and currently has little value. However, it is still very valuable to ClubShop members. Members accumulate this “pre”-TAG as Cashback Rewards whenever shopping at hundreds of big-name stores through the ClubShop Virtual mall.

Pre-Tangicoin balances then can be exchanged into US Dollars through the ClubShop website under the “Tangicoin” header. Tangicoin balances can also be exchanged for purchase of a Clubshop GPS subscription, or for a number of ClubShop Cooperative Advertising shares. If you are a crypto-enthusiast or crypto-curious, you can exchange your USD$ for Tangicoin and be among the first to own an exclusive crypto. Tangicoin can also be transferred to other ClubShop members. Current value as of writing of this post is 1 TAG = $0.0015


Do You Need your ClubShop Login?


Forgot your ClubShop member details? Click here. Select “Forgot Password” and submit your email address. If you cannot access the email you registered with, you have the option to set up a new login. Please contact ClubShop Support before registering a new account.

What We Offer

Since 1997 millions of people from around the world have joined ClubShop Rewards to get discounts and cash back when they shop online at our ClubShop Mall. ClubShop Rewards online stores are available to shop at in over 70 countries and growing!

Save Money

  •  Receive TangiCoin when shopping online in our ClubShop Online Mall
  •  Receive TangiCoin at participating local ClubShop Rewards Merchant stores
  •  Receive an instant discount off purchases at participating local ClubShop Rewards Merchant stores

Customers and Commissions

  •  Gain loyal and new ClubShop Member customers from all over the world
  •  Gain repeat sales because ClubShop Member customers are earning CashBack and discounts
  •  Gain increased sales from ClubShop Member customers who are willing to spend more money


SHOPPER MEMBER – Get paid to shop online at the ClubShop Virtual Mall.

AFFILIATE MEMBER – Get paid to shop and refer people to become members.

PARTNER – Get paid to shop, get paid to refer people, and have your own Clubshop Rewards Virtual Mall and global sales organization.