ClubShop and COOP Advertising

Clubshop invests in ongoing centralized advertising campaigns to keep building our community. Thanks to these campaigns, thousands of new Clubshop Shoppers and Affiliates signup every day.
A percentage of these members decide to subscribe to the GPS (Global Partner System) and become Partner, to get all that they need to put their business on auto-pilot. This includes the right to a specific number of monthly cooperative advertising shares, which means they get a certain number of shoppers and affiliates into their team every month and earn a commission from their purchases.
Shoppers, Affiliates, and Partners have significant incentives to shop regularly at thousands of Clubshop affiliated stores to earn cash back and save money both online and offline.
The more members and partners ClubShop has, the higher the budget the Company can reinvest in new and more significant advertising campaigns, benefitting affiliates & partners by increasing their buying power AND monthly income.


New Month – No Problem with GPS - ClubShop Outlet |

October 23, 202111:34 am

ClubShop issues cooperative advertising shares in accordance with your GPS package. ClubShop also offers the ability to purchase additional coop shares to keep your recruiting momentum going throughout the month. Sign up for a free trial, there are no obligations.

GPS Features - ClubShop Outlet |

October 19, 202112:22 pm

Each GPS package comes with a fully managed ClubShop Online Mall, a number of COOP Advertising shares, the TNT Business Building system, Cashback Loyalty program, and free Tangicoin. Multilingual chat and email offered at GPS Pro level and above.

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