ClubShop Rewards Program

ClubShop GPS

How can ClubShop benefit you?

Shoppers: Shoppers earn cash back on every purchase made at any store in the Clubshop Mall. The amount of cashback is always clearly displayed for every store.

Affiliates: Affiliates are shoppers, who invite friends through their referral link. Affiliates earn a direct commission on purchases made at any store in the ClubShop Mall.

Trial Partners: Trial Partners are Affiliates who have opted in to the 30 day trial to see how the Global Partner System (GPS) works for them to build an online business.

Partners: Partners are Affiliates who have subscribed to the GPS. Partners are enabled to earn commissions on 6 generations of referrals. GPS Subscribers are automatically qualified as Partner every month and benefit from the GPS service, depending on the type of monthly subscription they chose.

Merchant Affiliates: Merchant Affiliates are Retailers who register as Clubshop Merchants. They pay a commission on every purchase made by Clubshop Members. We split this commission to pay cashback to the member who made the purchase and to pay override commissions to 6 generations of upline partners. 1/10 of that commission goes to the company to pay the cost of running the program. Referral ID: DL6975241

Affinity Groups: Affinity groups are Non-profit organizations who register with ClubShop to get donation income based on all the purchases made through their referral link. Referral ID: DL6975241

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