Free Affiliate Program

ClubShop Free Affiliate Program

It is time to start cashing in with the ClubShop Rewards Free Affiliate Program. First, register for free, give your landing page a unique name, then share & advertise your unique link. Then you can sit back and watch your payable commissions grow.

Unlike ClubShop GPS Subscribers, Free Affiliates have reduced features available, but they still have everything they need to earn 50% on every GPS sale produced.

Affiliate Program Features

This amazing program allows you access to the company webinars, the multi-channel notification system, a banner generator, customizable merchandising, an AI Content Creator, basic tracking data, and one direct sale page for the ClubShop GPS.


As a Free Affiliate, you earn 50% direct commission on every new GPS Sale.

For example:

  • If you sell 1 GPS Pro at $49.90, you earn $24.95.
  • If you sell 1 GPS Premier at $249.90, you earn $124.95.
  • If you sell 100 GPS Pro per month, you earn $2,495 per month.

There are no limits on how many GPS subscriptions you can sell.

If you already have experience and good marketing skills, you can start earning immediately.

At any moment, you can subscribe to the GPS and get your very own Clubshop Rewards Virtual Shopping Mall and unlock all the features in the GPS package.

The GPS automatically qualifies you as a Partner and allows you to instantly start an online business that virtually runs on autopilot.