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ClubShop GPS Trial Partner

The GPS is the crown jewel of ClubShop. The Global Partner System is a global network of partners working together to achieve the shared goal of passive monthly income. The GPS is a monthly subscription to an all in one business. It’s almost like a business in a box. Of course there are many reasons to be skeptical of such a program, which is why ClubShop allows anyone the chance to try out the service for free.

The Trial Partner membership is valid for a full 30 days. This allows you to fully review all the components of the program. There are six different packages available to try. The higher packages have access to more COOP shares and more bonus Tangicoin. By choosing a higher package level, your downline and potential commissions grow even faster.

ClubShop GPS Package Levels & Features

“I’ve signed up as a Trial Partner, now what?”

Many Trial Partners sign up and never fully evaluate the program properly. This is a major disservice to all parties involved. Upon sign up, Trial Partners should immediately go through the GPS training to get all the information about how the program works. There are many guides, YouTube videos, and an entire knowledge base that can inform you of all you need to know.

Once you have had a chance to go over the information and seeing how quickly the GPS works to build your downline, you should activate your GPS immediately. As a Trial Partner, there are people who sign up after you that can move up the line if they confirm their GPS before you. Once you activate the GPS, start shopping the ClubShop Virtual Mall for your everyday shopping to start generating cashback to your ClubShop wallet. Then it’s just a matter of telling your friends and family to join you and continue your GPS subscription every month. The Cashback and Commissions will soon fill your account.

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