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I began my free trial of ClubShop after seeing a few advertisements for it here and there. I initially began my 30 Day Trial with the Basic GPS Package.  I was thoroughly impressed by how quickly the GPS was able to deliver team members underneath me.  I was already earning potential commissions and building a sales team in only a short couple of days.  I didn’t even wait the full free 30 days before I subscribed to the GPS package.  Once I began looking through the GPS Essential Training that was provided with my membership, I saw what an amazing system ClubShop was so I immediately upgraded to the Pro Plus GPS package.  I got many more COOP shares and access to more GPS features like the ClubShop internal mailing system.

What makes being a ClubShop Partner most difficult is when Trial Partners don’t subscribe or “activate” their GPS.  This is what turns a potential commission into a payable commission.  Also, payable commissions must reach the threshold of $10 before an automatic payout is triggered.  Many new Trial Partners don’t take full advantage of their free trial to see the full potential that it provides to it’s subscribers.  I was a Partner for 4 months before receiving my first payout of $64.25 USD.  I also did not receive a payout every month.  Every month is different and dependant on how your team performs and how your recruiting efforts turn out.  It took another 3 months for me to receive my second payout of $12.07.  It has been 3 months since and I am expecting another payout of $13.25 on the 20th of this month as I have attained the payout threshold this past month.  After one year of ClubShop Partnership I have attained a total of $94.10 total payable commissions earned.

In addition to commissions, I have been earning on my online purchases.  Regardless of the product, I can shop any online retail store in the ClubShop Rewards Online Virtual Mall and earn on my entire purchase.  One of my favorite retailers there is Walmart and I shop every week for groceries and supplies.  CashBack is awarded in Tangicoin which can be redeemed for USD cash, GPS Monthly Subscription fee, or it can be redeemed towards the purchase of additional COOP advertising shares.  Since I have been shopping through ClubShop every week, as of writing of this article I have earned a whopping total of 76868 Tangicoin which has a value of $115.30 USD if I were to redeem it today.

This is the most success I have had with any online opportunity I have tried since the 90’s.  Very little work is required as opposed to similar opportunities like Shopify. ClubShop really is an all-in-one turnkey opportunity.  Subscribe to the GPS, support your team, shop the ClubShop mall, and earn!  They do payout, they can grow a team for you, they provide everything they promise.  This is a valid opportunity and I am excited for what the next year has in store.  Stay tuned…

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