Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini **ClubShop members earn 10% Cashback** 2nd generation Google Home Mini is the most affordable way to bring the power of the Google Assistant into your home. The new Mini has been re-engineered to provide a better sound experience, without compromising on a small and beautiful form factor. New Hardware Platform Completely re-engineered from the ground up to deliver new advanced compute platform potential and improved sound. No space? No worries… With the integrated wall mount, Nest mini answers the needs of real homes by maintaining a small footprint when on the counter and completely getting out of the way when wall mounted. This is a clever feature that adds significant value for the consumer. Thoughtful UI Updates Discoverability improvements with backlit icons that magically illuminate upon approach. Volume LEDs indicate touch while retaining non-directional look for wall-mountability. 

Features Google Assistant, Chromecast, and LED indicators. Android, iOS compatibility. Built-in speaker, microphone for hands-free use.

NGS Bluetooth Speaker

NGS Wild SKA 1 300W Bluetooth Speaker with Remote Control $217
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Philips Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset with Microphone Philips TAT2205/00 Regular price $61.90 **ClubShop members Earn 10% cashback.**