Hydroponic Growing Kit

Terra Cotta Hydroponic Kit

Irisana EcoGarden Hydroponic Growing Kit with Plastic Terracotta Pots **ClubShop members earn 10% Cashback** The Irisana Ecogarden Grow Kit is a complete solution to hydroponic gardening at home. This kit takes up very little space, it allows you to grow 18-20 plants on a base of only 45 cm. in diameter, the equivalent of a surface area of 120 × 60 cm. It has a height with its base of 112 cm

This is easy to assemble and has a compact vertical design. Everything necessary for gardening is included. The kit has 6 stackable flowerpots in the shape of a clover. There are 6 Grilles for drainage and aeration. 24 liters (approx.) Of Irex substrate. (Combination of expanded clay and chopped peat.) Nutrients: hydroponic: NutriBaseAB (72.EG05AB). A base tank for water and nutrients. A Water pump and 1 L dosing jug. There is also a timer and system of pipes for irrigation and water distribution. Cleaning tube & instructions for use and assembly are also included.