InnovaGoods Folding Desk

InnovaGoods Tablezy Folding Desk with shelf $83.00 **ClubShop members earn 10% Cashback** Desk folds flat for easy storage, making this a perfect option for a pop-up office right in your home. Also makes a great addition as a vanity to a bedroom or a platform for a home studio. No assembly required.

Shiatsu Massage Mat

InnovaGoods Shiatsu Massage Seat Mat $50.50 **ClubShop members earn 10% Cashback** Enjoy a Massage at the office, in your automobile, or at home with this convenient seat mat. It is based on the ancient Japanese technique of shiatsu, which channels vital energy through pressure on various points of the body. This thermal massager is perfect to relax the muscles and achieve an overall feeling of well-being. It works effectively on the neck, back, waist and thigh areas. 

Made of polyester and sponge this mat is comfortable, soft and springy. Sports an ergonomic design and has 5 massage settings, 3 levels of intensity, and 3 speeds: lows, medium and high. Operates independently from heat. Remote control with cable and a side pocket to store the control. There are also elastic straps to hold it to the seat. Includes 1 car adaptador and 1 plug (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 200 mA / 12 V – 550 mA) 7 W 12 V Approx. measurements: 48 x 105 x 3 cm

InnovaGoods Mini Portable Air Conditioner

InnovaGoods Mini Portable Evaporater Air Conditioner Freezyq+ with LED light
Essential oils and ice can be for extra freshness. $18.20 **ClubShop members earn 10% Cashback** This is a mini portable air conditioner which is ideal for creating a comfortable, fresh and clean environment. The water is vaporized and it is then pushed towards the filters by the fan (there is no water in the base). Essential oils or ice can be added to the tank for a freshness effect. It has a front grill to redirect the air flow upwards or downwards and is removable, there are washable sponge filters that can be reused and do not require replacement (unlike paper filters). In addition, it’s seamless tank prevents leakage. It is USB-powered, but can also be connected to main power via a USB adapter (not included) and used anywhere if connected to a power bank.

It’s functional eco-friendly design is Freon-free. It is silent and has low power consumption. This unit cools, humidifies, purifies, aromatizes and has illumination via a multicolor fixed LED light. Features anti-slip feet, it’s easy to use, light & handy, and easy to transport and store.USB Cable to Micro USB: 180 cmDC: 5 V / 2 A / 7,5 W Approx. dimensions: 15 x 16,5 x 18cm

Packaging and manual come in 24 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovakian, Estonian, Russian and Latvian)

Wireless Charger

InnovaGoods Wireless Bamboo Charger $9
**ClubShop members earn 10% CashBack**

Wireless Haircurler

InnovaGoods Automatic Wireless Haircurler Suraily $48.90 **ClubShop members earn 10% Cashback**

Body Massager

InnovaGoods Vibrating Body Massager $10 **ClubShop members earn 10% Cashback**