ClubShop Rewards Virtual Mall

ClubShop Rewards Virtual Shopping Mall

This is the dawn of a new era for ClubShop. The new ClubShop Rewards Virtual Mall is here. Anyone around the world can login to ClubShop and select “Shop Online” from the menu. Visitors will be greeted with a whole new layout of the ClubShop Mall. There is a help desk, promotional offers, and lots of useful ClubShop information. There will be added functionality in coming months including a search function and added inter-communication options for ClubShop members.

This virtual mall is an added value bonus to the already expansive list of features included in the GPS packages. The virtual mall is just another tool to help add to ClubShop’s global market base. The next great addition is the ClubShop app. The app is now available in the App Store and on Google Play. Now is the time to be part of something great. Visit the ClubShop Rewards Shopping Center, register for your free ClubShop membership, and shop the mall!

Become a Clubshop Merchant

ClubShop Rewards membership card

Become A Clubshop Merchant & Lift Your Business to New Levels

At Clubshop, we create innovative strategies to help businesses like yours meet our Members’ needs and become their favorite shopping destinations. We aim to bring you an increasing stream of loyal, returning customers without asking you for any upfront cost or investment.

With the introduction of the ClubShop Rewards Virtual Mall, we are reaching more customers worldwide. Register your business for FREE and select the percentage you’d like to offer for every purchase made at your store by Clubshop Members.

Top-up your Clubshop rechargeable Account with a deposit from which we’ll deduct the agreed commission when a sale is authorized by you. Then, simply wait for our Members to come and shop at your store(s). It’s never been easier to partner with such a service. Click the Sign Up button and submit your application with the referral ID below.

**Referral Member ID: DL6975241**

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