What’s ClubShop all about?


ClubShop is an all-in-one e-commerce opportunity for the average person. There is no expertise needed in order to own a ClubShop branded online shopping mall. You offer cashback for everyday purchases made at big name retailers worldwide while earning commissions on all purchases made by your referrals and team. It is very similar to services like shopify, woocommerce, bigcommerce, magneto,weebly, etc. The key difference is that with ClubShop, you don’t need to maintain a website, or keep inventory, deal with dropshipping, or any of the hassles of owning an online business. As a Partner member you not only get your own pre-made ClubShop Online Shopping mall, you also get shares in the Company’s worldwide marketing efforts.

ClubShop offers multiple membership levels. A Shopper membership is free for anyone around the world. This membership entitles you access to the ClubShop Online Mall and all Cashback available from every big-name retailer listed there. Affiliate Memberships are also free for anyone around the world. Affiliates are also entitled to ClubShop Online Mall access and all Cashback available from every retailer listed there. Affiliates are additionally provided with a referral link so commissions can be earned on any purchase made by referrals.

In order to become a Partner, you must subscribe to the GPS or Global Partner System offered by ClubShop. There is currently a Trial Partner Program which allows you to try the service for a free trial period to see if you like it. The Trial is automatically offered to all Affiliate members. During the Trial Partner period, you are allowed all the benefits of the Partner membership and the GPS. The GPS is the vehicle which propels the ClubShop Online Mall and the overall business.

Your GPS subscription allows you a specified number of cooperative marketing shares. These COOP shares are part of the global marketing initiatives taken by ClubShop. Each COOP share is currently worth about 2 member accounts. The number of COOP shares you receive is determined by the level of GPS you subscribe to.

The lowest Partner subscription is GPS Basic at $14.90. This gets you 2.5 COOP shares. Next is GPS Basic Plus at $29.90 and gets you 15 COOP shares. GPS Pro is $49.90 and gives you 25 COOP shares. GPS Pro Plus is $89.90 and gets you 30 COOP shares. Next is GPS Premier at $129.90 and gives you 40 COOP shares. Finally, at the top is GPS Premier Plus at $249.90 and 80 COOP shares.

The GPS and the COOP work to feed members onto your team. These members are Shoppers, Affiliates, and Trial Partners. The ultimate goal is to establish Partners on your team who will in turn generate more Shoppers and Affiliates and Partners. This eventually leads to 6 generations of commissions that increase with each generation. The GPS Dashboard shows the Partner member how much in pending commissions have been generated, the percentage of team completion, and the rate at which the team duplicates itself.

It is important to note that pending commissions only become payable when you have paid your GPS subscription and all your Trial Partners activate their GPS subscriptions. Once the commissions become payable, it will be sent to your indicated method of payment by the 20th of the following month in which the commissions reaches the $10 payout threshold. ClubShop is about Shopping and Earning and Building a Team that Shops and Earns!

ClubShop Business Cycle

ClubShop Business Cycle

The ClubShop Business cycle starts at the top with the Company’s Centralized Advertising Campaigns. This brings in thousands of new customers and affiliates daily. This group of individuals establish their free ClubShop membership and automatically become part of the new Tangiworld community. All their personal purchases at the ClubShop Online Mall and at participating offline retailers earn them Cashback. A portion of these members move up to become ClubShop Partners. In doing so, the Partners not only earn Cashback from their purchases but also earn monthly commissions on everyone on their team. The GPS subscription fee paid by Partners every month goes back into the advertising campaigns, thus feeding the cycle to start again. Start for free as a ClubShop Shopper and get your Cashback or try a free Affiliate membership and double your earnings with commissions generated by your referrals.

ClubShop and COOP Advertising

ClubShop COOP Cooperative Advertising Shares

Clubshop invests in ongoing centralized advertising campaigns to keep building our community. Thanks to these campaigns, thousands of new Clubshop Shoppers and Affiliates signup every day.
A percentage of these members decide to subscribe to the GPS (Global Partner System) and become Partner, to get all that they need to put their business on auto-pilot. This includes the right to a specific number of monthly cooperative advertising shares, which means they get a certain number of shoppers and affiliates into their team every month and earn a commission from their purchases.
Shoppers, Affiliates, and Partners have significant incentives to shop regularly at thousands of Clubshop affiliated stores to earn cash back and save money both online and offline.
The more members and partners ClubShop has, the higher the budget the Company can reinvest in new and more significant advertising campaigns, benefitting affiliates & partners by increasing their buying power AND monthly income.

Become a Clubshop Merchant

ClubShop Rewards membership card

Become A Clubshop Merchant & Lift Your Business to New Levels

At Clubshop, we create innovative strategies to help businesses like yours meet our Members’ needs and become their favorite shopping destinations. We aim to bring you an increasing stream of loyal, returning customers without asking you for any upfront cost or investment.

With the introduction of the ClubShop Rewards Virtual Mall, we are reaching more customers worldwide. Register your business for FREE and select the percentage you’d like to offer for every purchase made at your store by Clubshop Members.

Top-up your Clubshop rechargeable Account with a deposit from which we’ll deduct the agreed commission when a sale is authorized by you. Then, simply wait for our Members to come and shop at your store(s). It’s never been easier to partner with such a service. Click the Sign Up button and submit your application with the referral ID below.

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