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ClubShop Rewards Virtual Mall

ClubShop Virtual Mall

ClubShop Rewards Virtual Mall is available worldwide! The new Virtual Mall can be accessed via ClubShop. Simply select “Shop Online” and click “Select Country.” A page will load and ask for your ClubShop Membership ID on the left. If you do not have a membership, you will have the option to sign up on the lower right side of the screen. Once the Member ID is loaded into the website, the Virtual Mall will load.

Easy to Earn CashBack

On the right, there is a legend of all the available action buttons in the Virtual Mall. The second screen shows an explanation of the navigational controls in the Virtual Mall. You immediately encounter an interactive help desk once the virtual mall loads. You can get chat support, ClubShop informational brochures, and virtual business cards. The most exciting part of the ClubShop Rewards Virtual Mall is the shopping! You will find all your favorite brands. You can also discover new and exciting brands for the first time.  Shop information is available for all retailers in the ClubShop Virtual Mall. Each shop in the ClubShop Rewards Virtual Mall has the CashBack clearly displayed. New shops and retailers are always being added. Make sure to visit before you start any online shopping. Earning cashback while you shop is a fun and exciting experience.

There are many big name brands in the ClubShop Virtual Mall. There are 3 floors that you can browse.  You can navigate to other floors of the virtual mall via the elevator function. If you prefer to browse from a list, simply select the option to view the shop list and all the retailers will be displayed by floor. In this manner, you can even compare CashBack. If there are multiple offers for the same type of service, you can select the most attractive offer. Once you have decided on a purchase, click “Shop Now” and you can purchase directly from the retailer.

Don’t leave money on the table. Make sure to pay close attention to everything in the ClubShop Virtual Mall. There are coupon codes hidden all over on the banners and billboards. In addition to saving you money, ClubShop is Rewarding Members with CashBack. It’s like paying you to shop!