What is ClubShop GPS?

GPS stands for Global Partner System. It is a complete business service offered by ClubShop which includes your own online shopping mall, an automated business building system, and training on the entire program. What sets this system apart is the Trial Partner program which allows you to try it out risk-free.

During the Trial, your business starts to grow and produces pending commissions automatically. Everything can be seen in real-time on your GPS Dashboard. You can even use all the GPS tools included with your Trial type.

During the Trial if the GPS is confirmed, you will retain your vertical line of Trial Partners, your Team Pool, and all Pending Commissions.

But, if one of your co-sponsors or Trial Partners confirm their GPS before you; all or part of your commissions and team will be lost.

In your Trial Partner Control Center you have all the counters, indicators, and reports you need. You can easily see how your team and pending income are doing day by day.

The faster you confirm your GPS, the lower the risk of losing everything you earned.

Once you have confirmed your GPS, each time one of your existing or incoming Trial Partners confirms their GPS, your “pending” commissions become instantly “payable”.


Become a Partner - ClubShop Outlet |

January 6, 202212:45 pm

ClubShop has made it so easy to start your own business. It is all thanks to the Global Partner System that so many regular people with no experience can have such great success. You can try the amazing GPS for free for 30 days.

ClubShop and GPS - ClubShop Outlet |

January 6, 202212:37 pm

The GPS make it easy to start your online home based business in 3 easy steps.

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